105. The 10/40 Window

Look at the “10/40 Window.” 

This is a name coined for a large section of our world. 

10/40 Window

Starting in Africa, find the area between latitudes 10 and 40 degrees north. Now follow this across Africa and Asia. 

You’ll see the Arabic/Muslim countries of North Africa and the Middle East, the Hindu’s of India and the Communist controlled countries like China. 

This area contains great poverty and low quality of life, combined with lack of access to Christian resources. 

Many governments are formally or informally opposed to Christian work of any kind within their borders. It represents a great missionary need. Of course, missionaries are also needed in other parts of the world.

An in-depth look at the 10/40 window.
Unless something changes soon, huge numbers of these unreached people will never hear the Gospel. Why? Well, researcher Justin Long has estimated that only about 10% of the global missionary force is working there. Open evangelism is difficult and even impossible because of governmental restrictions in many 10/40 Window countries.Read More

Getting to The Core of the Core by Luis Bush
The first and most fundamental reason why committed Christians must focus on The 10/40 Window is because of the biblical and historical significance of this area.Read More

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