SESSION #1  Countries and Religions.

  1. Become more savvy about Countries
  2. Learn about World Religions
    1. Learn about Buddhists 
    2. Learn about Hindus
    3. Learn about Muslims 
  3. More about the 10/40 Window     
    SESSION #2 Languages, People and Cultures.
    1. Why so many languages?
    2. Learn about the Language Challenge
    3. Find out about Oral Communicators
    4. Interesting facts about languages
    5. Links to other sites that deal with languages
    6. Learn about People Groups
    7. Learn about Cultures

    SESSION #3 What do you think of missions?

    1. What do you mean by the term "Missions"?
    2. Mission related terminology
    3. More mission related terminology
    4. Can I be a missionary at home?
    SESSION #4 Is the Concept of Missions Really Needed?

    1. Why Can't I get Interested in Missions? 
    2. Overcome Barriers to Reach the Unreached 
    3. Wouldn’t it Be Cheaper to Pay a National Missionary?

    SESSION #5 Mission Specialists.

    1. Check out the list of mission specialists including Specialists Organizations and Professions.
    2. Taking the Gospel to Closed Countries
    3. Reaching people who Speak Another Language.
    SESSION #6 Read All About It!
    1. Check out Informational books on missions
    2. Check out Inspirational books on missions
    3. Check out challenging books on missions
    4. Check out videos and audio about missions 
    5. Mission Related Apps.
    SESSION #7 What the Bible Says.

    1. Read article God' Heart for the Unreached.
    2. Read article Missions in the Bible.
    3. See mission scriptures throughout the Bible
    SESSION #8 Supporting Missions.

    1. Find out questions to ask your missionaries
    2. Six kinds of support missionaries need
    3. Ways to Pray for Missions and the Unreached.
    SESSION #9 Going Places.
    1. Read about the Supply Line
    2. Investigate the Law of Civilization
    3. Search 10,000 volunteer opportunities
    4. Consider a short-term trip.
    5. Combine a Vacation and Missions in One Trip.
    6. Reasons Why I Won’t Make a Good Missionary.
    SESSION #10  Going Further.

    1. Things to consider about mission involvement
    2. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement - see their video or find a class near you. 
    3. Kingdom Expansion 101 workshop. 
    4. Kairos Missions Course. 
    5. Go to Session 10 and scroll down for more opportunities
    6. Your Commitment.
    7. Six Ways to Get Involved.
    8. Where do I Start?
    9. Resources.

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