SESSION #6: Read All About It!

When most people think of entertainment or excitement they think of movie stars, sports stars, or rock stars. Most missionaries work quietly far from the lights and the crowds. Yet some of their stories are amazing testimonies to what God has accomplished through them.
How many of these missionary heroes have you heard or read about?
Take the test and find out what you are missing




Check out our large selection of missions related books. Most are available in paperback and Kindle. We've divided them into three categories, and added a list of sources for even more. Click on a category for a complete list.

INFORMATIONAL Books  These books are educational and enlightening. They help us to understand what missions is all about.
INSPIRATIONAL Books  There is nothing more inspirational than the stories of missionaries and biographies of great missions leaders who sacrificed everything to go out and spread the gospel
CHALLENGING Books They deal with the crucial issues of life.

These books will help you grow in your faith, grow in your vision, help you see what the need of the world is and where we fit into God's plan to spread the news of His love through Jesus Christ

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