SESSION #3: What do you think of missions?

So far we’ve looked briefly at countries, religions and languages, peoples, cultures. It’s a big complicated world out there, and we want to spread the good news about Jesus Christ to everyone. We'll look at missions from different angles in the next three sessions. First we need to talk about definitions.

What do you mean when you use the word “mission?” The word "mission" or "missions" means different things in different contexts.
Can’t I stay home and still be a missionary? The answer is yes and no! Let me explain.
Learn about Missions related terminology. You may come across the following words while reading about missions. 
  • Evangelism, Missions and Frontier Missions.
  • Oral Communicators (or Oral Cultures.)
  • Redemptive Analogy
  • The Tailenders
  • Unreached, Unengaged
  • World Christian

Click here to learn even more about missions-related terminology and definitions of words used in the context of missions.

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