320. Stay Home?

Can’t I stay home and still be a missionary?

The answer is yes and no. Let me explain.

First, Jesus told us to be witnesses wherever we are. He mentioned places like Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and uttermost parts of the world. When we use the word missions, we mean witnessing to another culture. When we talk about evangelism we refer to witnessing to our own culture.

In the past, we had to travel overseas to find other cultures to witness to but in recent times many have come to our own country. So, to answer your question, yes, you can stay home and be a missionary if you witness to people of other cultures who have come to this country.

"Not all the pioneer missionary work which must be done today will take place in foreign countries. Like a master chess player, God has moved representatives from unreached people groups far from their homelands all over the world and has plunked them down in the midst of traditionally Christian populations, essentially saying, 'You have not gone to them, so I have brought them to you. Now tell them!'" - Roberta H. Winter, U.S. Center for World Missions

International Students: A good example of the above would be working with international students coming to your country. In the USA, A record number of international students – nearly 900,000 – studied in US colleges and universities during the 2013-14 school year, 8 percent more than the previous year. And while students from China continue to dominate, students are coming to the United States from an increasingly diverse set of countries. International Students, Inc., exists to share Christ's love with international college students. Since 1953, ISI has been training Americans to meet international students' needs. These Americans befriend international students and help them adjust to American culture.

Do you know of other opportunities for reaching out to those who have come to our country? Leave a comment below..

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