520. Technology

Why don’t missionaries use the latest technology?

Technology in Missions

They certainly do. I can give you an example from Global Recordings Network.

We use cutting edge digital recorders. Servers with fifty-five terabytes of storage capacity work around the clock in the USA & Australia. Together they hold 1.2 million audio files.

These servers connect to a monster database and several web sites in different countries. People all around the world can listen 24/7 to the gospel message in their own language, or download digitally remastered recordings in thousands of languages.

A special app is available for smart phones. For instance, you may be in a store or gas station and meet someone from another country. With a couple of clicks, you can find their language and play them a short gospel message.

Yes, the missions force uses a large amount of technology.

Refugees listen to the gospel message in their own language on the GRN 5fish app
Listening to 5fish app

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