820. We send checks monthly

My church sends checks to missionaries every month. 
Isn’t that enough?
Isn't that Enough?

Let’s picture a serviceman who is sent on extended duty in a country like Afghanistan or Iraq. He is far from home in a hostile environment. Outside his comfort zone. Lonely. The mail arrives, and with it, a letter from his wife. He tears open the envelope and sees this note. “Your paycheck has been deposited in the bank.” No greetings. Nothing like, “How are you doing out there?” No family news or local gossip. Nothing, in fact, but a cold financial statement. Don’t you think he would be a little disappointed?

Transfer the picture to a missionary, who serves in a country overseas. He’s far from home, in a different culture, outside his comfort zone, lonely. At the end of the month, he receives a letter or email. It says, “These amounts were deposited in your account,” followed by a list of churches or individuals and the amounts they have donated.

Nothing else. Nothing like, “How are you doing out there? How can we help? We pray for you.” No local news. Just financial facts. Naturally, he needs the money. But don’t you think he would be a bit disappointed or discouraged? Don’t you think he would ask “Is that enough?”

What More Can We Do?

There are several things we can do—three while the missionary is on the field and three when he comes home...Read More

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