975. Short Term Trip


Why consider a short term trip?
  • It translates theory into reality. 
  • It helps you to get a first hand picture of how things happen of the field. 
  • You will have a better idea of how to pray for missionaries. 
There are many opportunities to go on trips lasting anywhere from less than one week to a couple of years.

has a way of finding opportunities from 99 different organizations that fit your needs. Their web site claims that they have full details on 1,722 short-term mission trips.

You can specify

  • Participant type. Find trips for individuals, married couples, groups, or families 
  • Your age. They cater to a spectrum from elementary children to senior adults 
  • Type of activity. They have opportunities with almost every letter of the alphabet from art to visitation 
  • Region you would like to visit. Choose Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe or Oceania 
  • Country. If you wish, you may choose a country from their list 
  • Length. For a first timer, I would recommend a short trip of about a week or two 
  • Start and end dates. You can specify that you’d like to start by a certain date or that you need to return before a given date. 
They have helpful articles like: Key Considerations When Selecting a Mission Trip.

There are also facilities for finding airfare, insurance, training, equipment and supplies
Find Out More

Digging Deeper - Going Further:
  • Start collecting some information about possible trips
  • Pray for guidance and talk to your friends about possibilities
  • Go to http://www.shorttermmissions.com/ and experiment with possibilities

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