505. What is a missions specialist?

What do we mean by mission specialists?


I had a problem with my eye and went to my family doctor. He sent me to an eye specialist. The eye is so complex that the specialist sent me to another specialist who focused on the retina. Along the way, they each ordered several tests for specialist-technicians to perform on special equipment.

You’ve noticed the word specialist popping up. It’s the same in missions. There are missionaries who are general practitioners and, yes, there are mission specialists. They are not in competition, but each has a specific role to play in order to meet a given need.

Imagine a missionary who plans to work among a specific people group. He or she wants to learn as much as possible before going to the field. Let’s see where we can point our missionary.

Note: Websites change from time to time. Please let us know.

1.“I need info. about the people I plan to work among. 
Some missions specialize in research and provide information about people groups. Here are two links: http://www.peoplegroups.org/ and www.JoshuaProject.net

2. “I need more information about their language. 

The Ethnologue is the most authoritative source of information on languages. http://www.ethnologue.com/web.asp.

3. “Exactly where are they? 

Global Mapping (GMI) not only makes maps, but they provide software to missions so they can pinpoint the location of language groups. www.gmi.org

4. “Their country is closed to the gospel. I can’t get in. 

Several missionary radio stations broadcast into closed countries. https://reachbeyond.org/about/    http://www.febc.org/
http://www.twr.org/ http://www.feba.org.uk/

5. “They are way off the beaten track. 

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) flies where commercial airliners don’t go, but where missionaries need to be. http://www.maf.org/.

6. “There are restrictions on missionaries in the country.” 

Tentmakers can help missionaries us a legitimate business to stay legally in a given country. http://tentmakers.com/

7. “They cannot read. 

Millions are oral communicators. Global Recordings Network (GRN) has audio gospel recordings gospel in over 6,000 languages. http://globalrecordings.net Other organizations have audio translation of the scriptures: www.faithcomesbyhearing.com www.talkingbibles.org

8. “Many can read, but there are millions of them. 

Every Home for Christ (EHC) systematically distributes gospel literature. They have reached over 1.5 billion homes in the last 66 years and have seen over 116 million people respond to the gospel. http://www.ehc.org/

9. “They don’t have the Bible in their language. 

Wycliffe Bible Translators and other mission organizations have translated parts of the Bible into 2,590 languages. https://www.wycliffe.org/about/index

10. “The job is too big for one agency.” 
Organizations like Missio Nexus help missions work together. Their aim is: To advance the effectiveness of the Great Commission community in North America in global mission. https://missionexus.org/  

11. “This people group needs special prayer. 

 YWAM’s Adopt-A-People program states: “You can make a difference. Adopt an Unreached People Group.” http://www.adoptapeople.net/ Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse http://www.adoptapeople.com

12.They have no Christians, no Bible, and no missions. 

Find prayer information about these language groups. http://globalrecordings.net/en/prayer

13. “Muslims need prayer. 

30-days Prayer Network offers booklets and information to those who pray for Islam during Ramadan. http://www.30-days.net/

14. “Foreign students come to our country. 

International Students, Inc. (ISI) exists to share Christ's love with international students in cooperation with the local church and others. http://www.isionline.org/

15. “They are indigenous to our country.” 

Polished Arrow has a directory on their web site of congregations worldwide that work with first nation peoples. http://www.polishedarrow.com/

16. “How can I get the latest missions-related information?
Brigada Today is a web journal. They offer resources, strategy tips, and tools to Great Commission Christians. www.brigada.org

17. “I need some mission statistics. 

About Missions (AM) has all kinds of mission statistics and quotes http://www.aboutmissions.org/index.html  

Specialist Titles

The term mission specialists includes such diverse callings as medical doctors, nurses, pilots, Bible translators, field recordists, educators, support personal, accountants.

These are all missionary specialists. There are also computer technicians, literature distributors, well diggers, mapmakers, software programmers.

See some links below: (THIS SECTION NOT ACTIVATED YET)


Bible translators,

Computer technicians, & software programmers


field recordists,

literature distributors,


medical doctors, nurses,


support personal,

well diggers,


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