1020. Kingdom Expansion

Kingdom Expansion 101 workshop
Kingdom Expansion

Here is some information from their website:
Kingdom Expansion 101 is a high-quality, facilitated, online basic missions course that can be taken anywhere in the world. The curriculum provides a biblical and strategic framework to assist both churches and individuals in making informed decisions about their local and global outreach involvement. The material is not only designed to help global outreach teams, but also assists any adult believer as the individual considers his/her response to God’s plan for all the nations.

Here are a few comments from alumni:

  • "KE101 has provided a wealth of information and the ability to network with others. The puzzle pieces now fit together and I want to move forward!" Diane Kunkel, missions team member
  • "I really enjoyed the variety of media used! Everything I learned was new and fascinating. KE101 has given me some amazing building blocks to use in my ministry." Janet Orr, short-term missions coordinator
  • “The course material is fresh, fascinating and comprehensive." Dan Crane, missions pastor
  • "Missions is a new area for me. By taking this class, I have increased my learning curve tremendously." Cheryl Verrett, missions director
see their website for more information

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