660. Training Courses


Generalized pre-field training for missionaries heading overseas

thanks to Brigada for most of this information 

Generalized training in how to understand yourself, how to cross cultures, and how to learn another language. (Distinct from specific training such as TESL, or Bible translation, or church-planting or CHE or agency-specific candidate schools.)

Missionary Training International (MTI)
See short summary from Brigada

Center for Intercultural Training (CIT)
See short summary from Brigada 

Train International
See short summary from Brigada 

Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) 
The program specifically prepares international educators and boarding care providers. They focus on body life in the international context, understanding cultural differences and adjustment, and exploring the instructional implications of the multinational school setting. 

Global Frontier Missions

In Australia Worldview:

In Netherlands Cornerstone:

In NewZealand EastWest 

In Brazil MTC LatinoAmericano 

In Canada Gateway Training

In Mexico El Monte

In South Africa 
Missions Discipleship Training (OM),

In USA Beautiful Feet Boot Camp  Community Transformation Training

World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) lists many more schools on their website

Community Transformation Training overview self-study
Interested in learning more about Global Missions but don’t have time to go to weekly missions classes or even to log in weekly at a certain time? A new model of self-study courses is being offered by the IMB. 

Community Transformation Training is the wedding of human needs ministries with evangelism and church planting. While this self-study video course is introductory in nature, you will receive enough instruction to perhaps challenge your previous thinking in regards to the way you incorporate human needs strategies with evangelism and church planting.

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