670. Mission Related Apps


(Some Info is from Brigada Today Newsletter)

Joshua Project Unreached of the Day App

Pray for a different unreached people group each day. The Unreached People of the Day app presents a photo, map, basic statistics, profile text and prayer items for a different unreached people group each day. Browse by country, people name or date.

Kolo World App

Kolo World is a "Language Centric" App which provides access to audio and video content in over 1,200 world languages.

Global Recordings Mission Prayer App

The GRN Mission Prayers App is a simple way of informing you of GRN prayer needs and answered prayers. Choose when and how often you pray. Keep track of how God has answered your prayers as you partner with us in "Telling the Story of Jesus in Every Language"

Global Recordings 5fish app. ​
The 5fish app allows you to download, share, and listen to gospel messages on your mobile phone. 11,000 recordings in 5,500 language dialects are accessible through the app
Share Your Faith App 
One App, Four Tools, 37 Languages. Available for both IOS and Android. Developed by Cru, God Tools will help you prepare to share your faith in any encounter you may have with its offline access feature. Located conveniently on your phone, the app sports four tools that have changed lives all around the globe.
  1. The Knowing God Personally Booklet – share the gospel message in four points with diagrams
  2. The Four Spiritual Laws – share the gospel message in four points with diagrams
  3. The Satisfied Booklet – share the critical role of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life
  4. EveryStudent.com – articles and follow-up materials help answer life’s biggest questions
Download the App  - Web version

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