445. No Interest


Mrs. Abercrombie stifled a yawn. The missionary had just concluded a rather forgettable presentation about a country 
most of the audience had never heard of, illustrated by poorly focused slides of people she didn’t know. She reached out her hand. “I’m sorry to say this, Pastor, but this meeting has left me with no interest in missions.”

Pastor Blake tilted his head back and chuckled. “That’s all right, Mrs. Abercrombie. You’re not supposed to.”
Her eyes widened. “Oh, and what do you mean by that?”
The pastor kept smiling. “Do you know that bank on the corner of Main and Sixth? Have they ever given you any money?”
She took a step back. “Of course not. I don’t even have an account there.”
“Aha. That’s my point. In order to get interest, you have to make a deposit or an investment. It’s the same with missions.”

We're certain that if you watch all the videos and explore this website you'll find plenty of interesting information about missions. We hope you'll see the benefit of making an investment, not only for time, but also for eternity.

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