952. Not much good

I won't fit into missions, because:
I'm Not Much Good at Anything

Not Much Good.

Perhaps you’re asking, “What’s the point of being willing to learn, if I can’t do anything?” Think about this. Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something. Aren’t you glad that your eye specialist didn’t quit medical school because he couldn’t do open-heart surgery? What would happen if your plumber threw up his hands because he couldn’t fix your roof? It’s the same with missions. You may not be equipped to go pioneering through the Amazon Jungle. That doesn’t mean you can’t encourage a missionary who can and does.

God has given you a special function

In Romans 12: 4-8, Paul compares the church to the human body that has many parts. He lists various functions like serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leading, and showing kindness. These abilities are gifts from God.

Your spiritual gift may not be obvious right away. Notice the first investment only asks you to state that you are willing to learn about missions. The rest will come later.

Don’t confuse making a commitment with starting

When President Kennedy announced the commitment to land a man on the moon, it was several years before NASA launched the first rocket. They spent the intervening time researching and experimenting – in other words, learning. Don’t worry. Missions is not rocket science.

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Use your hobby or vocation on the mission field

A young couple shares a story about how even the most obscure interests or hobbies can become a tool on the mission field.

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