045(a) Pre-Planning


If you are the group facilitator, here are some points to consider. It’s good to have all the facts in hand before you start.

1. When, and How Often, do we Want to Meet? 

You could do this study weekly, biweekly or monthly. The time between the sessions gives more opportunity to those who want to investigate further. You may want to take a break from another study once a month and discuss Around Your World.

2. Where Should We Meet? 

If you meet in a home, consider alternating with other homes. To avoid mix-ups, plan ahead.

3. Who Will Lead the Discussions? 

You may want to ask several people to take turns leading. If so, make sure all the leaders agree before the series starts which session and date they will lead. This will give each one time to get their materials and prepare.

4. How Will We Show the Video or Get Online? 
Read the options below for showing the videos. Assign someone who is familiar with the needed equipment to take this responsibility. Remember, if you can’t get online at the meeting location, you need to use another option.

5. What About Workbooks, Handouts, etc. for Participants? 
Assign one person to obtain the workbooks/handouts, and handle any needed finance. 

6. What Other Activities Should We Plan? 

You may want to serve refreshments or have a time of prayer. Assign this responsibility to someone.

  • Watch the video but don’t show it to the group yet 
  • Examine the discussion guide and determine what you have time to cover. 
  • Make sure you have Worksheets for those who don't have workbooks.

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