045(b) Before Each Session

  • Watch the video but don’t show it to the group yet 
  • Examine the discussion guide and determine what you have time to cover. 
  • Make sure you have Worksheets for those who don't have workbooks.


1. Honor the Agreed-Upon Timeframe for Each Session. 

Occasionally a participant may become long-winded. Be polite but firm. If the meeting is set to finish at a certain time, do not go later, even if you haven’t covered everything. In exceptional instances, you may wish to take a vote about continuing.

2. Allow Everyone to Participate in the Discussion. 

You will need to encourage quieter members and remind more talkative ones to let others have their say.

3. Keep the Discussion on Course. 

There are times when a participant may have an important question that needs an answer, but in general, it is better to stick with the subject at hand. Use your judgment. Sometimes individual conversations may distract the group. Some leaders find it handy to have a little bell they can ring to get everyone’s attention. Have the Answers Ready. This leaders guide contains the answers to the quizzes and other discussion questions. The group members’ workbooks do not have these answers. Wait for the appropriate time after they have taken guesses or shared their opinions before you reveal the answers.

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