1030 Make a Committment


Write Your Commitment

Make a commitment, but don’t look too far ahead

If you've watched the videos in this series, you should have a better understanding of missions. There’s more ahead, but you only need to think of the current commitment. Until you complete it, you won’t need the rest. Then God can lead you in many different directions.

Tell God you’re willing: 
  Several years ago I visited the Philippines and stayed in a mission guesthouse. I was struck by the friendly and efficient way it was run and asked the couple in charge how they became involved. They told me, “We went to a mission conference. The pastor said, ‘I believe God can use any of us if we let Him. Let’s tell Him we’re willing;’ so we both did. Two days later, a mission director called. He said, ‘We need someone to run our guesthouse in the Philippines. As I prayed, your name came to my mind.’ We both knew right away that this was God’s response to our declaration of willingness, and we just love what we do.”
Your experience may not be that dramatic, but it will be unique to you. God will lead.

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